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The core of D-Prize is awarding startup capital to entrepreneurs who apply to our Global Competition. Congratulations to our winners!


D-Prize Winner Spotlight

Tieme Ndo


Tiem Ndo is a high-impact social enterprise in Ghana increasing access to improved basic inputs for smallholder farmers.

Tieme Ndo literally means “push me up” in the language of Dagaare. Their mission is to transform how farmers in rural areas access quality farm inputs which are crucial for improving harvests and livelihoods. To add value for farmers, Tieme Ndo offers a credit extension package which includes three services: input credit (registered farmers have access to at least 3 bags of fertilizer, seeds, and herbicides on credit), training and extension services (farmers are trained on new and appropriate agronomic practices and extension services are provided to help farmers apply appropriate farm practices), and access to market (farmers are assisted in finding buyers to purchase their produce at or above market prices).

The social enterprise also focuses on small agribusiness development. The Tieme Ndo team supports farmers in developing an alternative market for their produce by offering trainings on how to transform produce into other products. Tieme Ndo assists farmers in building entrepreneurial skills to help them establish small, thriving enterprises along the agriculture value chain.

This innovative social enterprise served 130 farmers during their initial 3 month pilot funded by D-Prize. The team helped these farmers increase their maize crop yields and income by over 200%. They are currently seeking to reach around 3,000 rural farmers with plans to reach hundreds of thousands.

Learn more about their amazing work in Kenya by visiting their website and following their journey on Facebook.


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